When it comes to repair, you don’t have to worry! Here are some ways to do it depending on the window you have at home. 

  1. Casement Windows 


The sash in your casement windows is attached to the hinge. With this try using a crank to open your window away from your location. If the process of cranking it open is not possible, clean and make sure you lubricate in order to move the parts that are metal. If ever you have broken parts in your window, then you need to replace them in order for your window to work back to normal.  


  1. Sliding Windows 


When it comes to sliding windows, there can be one sash or more than one sash that makes the window slide through the metal tracks. Sometimes the metal tracks encounter problems and it becomes difficult to slide your window. The problems can be due to dirt however sometimes there can be more issues involved. Thus, if problems that are not solvable for you occur, connect with window repair company to cater to your need of window service.  


  1. Glass Metal Storm Window 


This window is often of poor quality and sometimes installed hastily. In order to make use of your window and ditch replacing it and saving up on costs, purchase the parts that need replacement.  


  1. Screening – Wooden Frame 


The screen windows that have wooden frames can be seen as traditional and old when it comes to style however when it comes to durability, it puts up a good fight that could last decades if you keep up with maintaining it. When it comes to the frames made of wood, it can rot, however it can be fixed easily through a use of a two-part epoxy filler.  


  1. Screening – Metal Frame 


When it comes to the screening of a metal frame, repair does not take away your time. Repair can be done within a few hours and the window you own will look as if you just installed it yesterday. Unlike a frame that is wooden, with metal framing, rotting is not an issue. Just grab a spline roller and tuck your new screen in place.  


  1. Corner Joint 


Metal storms and Screen sashes has been known as not very durable options. The issue of durability is mostly observed in windows that are older. If you think you need to spend a lot to replace your whole window, then get your hands working and fix the corner joint of your window. Open your window’s joint, install your new filling and carefully reassemble your window’s frame.  


  1. Window Sills 


A window sill is found when you look at your window outside your house. Since it is in an external area, it can be more exposed to damage and prone to rotting. The damage when it comes to window sills are very visible, so if you want your home to look good even on the outside, do your thing to repair your window sill. Remove your old sill and cut your new one to the size of your window and install it.